Monday, 1 August 2011

I'm Married!!!! It's all Over!!! x

You spend so long planning a wedding you almost forget there is something at the end of it all. The calls, emails, lists, notes and endless magazines that you start buying as soon as you get engaged and then get strangely addicted to buying even when you no longer need them.

My Wedding Day came round on July 16th 2011 and I've got to say it was what dreams are made of. The main piece of advice I received was 'enjoy it - it goes so fast' and that's exactly what I tried to do. It's not easy though with 49 guests, and I'd added the extra stress of making the whole trip a surprise for friends and family who had no idea where they were going. I wanted to constantly make sure they were ok and happy and the thing is, looking back now it all feels like a dream, and without the pictures I’d doubt it even happened at all.

Everything went as planned and I wouldn’t change a thing – maybe the stress my poor Mum felt as she threw talcum powder all over my feet and shoes at 8am on the morning of the wedding. It was to stop me sweating apparently. Matt cried all day, he will hate me for saying that but there is no way of denying it as we have approximately 66 thousand photographs of him weeping. Our friend and singer Cole Page even dedicated the Michael Buble track ‘Cry Me a River’ to him, changing the lyrics to ‘Matt Cried A River Over Her’.

Weddings are a great opportunity to bring families together that may otherwise be distanced forever and ours was no exception. It’s also a chance for friends to come together and get to know one another and as I sit writing this on my honeymoon I can’t help but check face book. And seeing that friends have become friends with other friends makes me smile. It could also be because I have a glass of champagne in my hand and it’s been there for hours. Not the same drink you’ll understand but rather the glass that is continuously being topped up.

We were VERY lucky to be upgraded to FIRST Class on the brand new Emirates A380 from Manchester to Dubai. This is exciting to most people but for me it was extra special. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the airport and planes and so to be onboard a plane with a bar, lounge and spa is just something else. I didn’t even need a shower on board but did it anyway just to say I’ve had a shower 30,000 feet in the sky, I’ve joined the mile high shower club!!!! If I’d known a Honeymoon could do this I’d have got married ages ago – and it wouldn’t even matter who to. We did feel a bit like Monica and Chandler snogging at the gate to prove our love – but unlike them we got lucky and Matt didn’t have to steal a piece of fruit.

As I write this I think I may have found heaven. I am lying on a large round wicker bed on a part of my own private deck looking at the sun set over the Indian Ocean. We are staying on a Maldivian Island called Huvafen Fushi – it is paradise. You are greeted at the airport and taken to a speedboat which brings you to the island in less than 30 minutes. You are given a cold towel on arrival and a cocktail to get you used to the utter fussing and luxury you are about to receive.

There are a few different types of accommodation – the beach villa, and the deluxe version, the over water bungalow and the water pavilion. We were taken to our over water bungalow and were blown away the moment the door opened. The piece de resistance was an over water coffee table. You know the ones like in the movies where you can see fish whilst placing your cup of tea on the glass above?

You may actually have heard of Huvafen Fushi (possibly from looking gooey eyed at holiday brochures) but also because a $15,000 stay here was a gift in the goody bag for this year’s Oscars. Celebrities flock here – for example Kate Moss has partied here, George Clooney has rolled around on the sheets and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes popped in for a massage at the Maldives ONLY underwater spa. Well if it’s good enough for celeb royalty then it’s good enough for me.

The island is located in the North Atoll and they pride themselves on modern, sophistication. All rooms are kitted out with the latest technology and if gadgets are your thing then you will find yourselves in gadget heaven. With a Bose surround sound system in every room, huge plasma TV’s, Bang & Olufsen telephones, and electronic blinds. It’s like stepping into a Grand Design’s exhibition.

But above all of this you will get your own Thakuru. This is not a native furry Maldivian animal but your very own butler. You are initially escorted by your Thakuru to your villa, shown around and given any information necessary. You then have a direct dial number to him 24 hours a day. Our Thakuru was called Ahmed. He becomes a little friend over the course of a stay and it’s comforting to see his smiley face. One word you’ll never hear is ‘no’. Can I have a pizza in my room? Can I take this wine back to my room as I’m so relaxed at 9pm I can’t drink anymore? And can you help, my 99 TV channels won’t come on? The answer 24 hours a day is always…..yes!

Your Thakuru will organize anything you desire for example meal reservations, trips off the island, even a doctor should you require it. If you’re honeymooning as we and most of the island were – you will probably want utter quiet and relaxation and you’ll get that in abundance.

Evenings are relaxed and the food would challenge even Michelin restaurants at home. The food is varied each evening, served in a chic style and so fresh.

If you can break from the utter relaxation to get on board a boat, because when you do – what follows is more relaxation, then I’d absolutely recommend the Dhoni. A Dhoni is a very old traditional Maldivian boat – only in true Huvafen Fushi style it’s had a 60 minute makeover. Red Smeg fridges, a king size bed, mother of pearl bathroom with shower and a deck scattered with huge comfy beanbags shaded by giant sails. We felt like Brad and Ange as we left for our very own deserted island. Ahmed came with us accompanied by 3 others manning the deck, oh and a dolphin we nicknamed Paul who led our boat out to deeper waters as he sparkled in the midday sun.

Once just off the deserted island you jump in the crystal clear waters for an hour’s snorkeling round some of the most beautiful coral reef you’ve ever seen. If you’re as lucky as we were you will get to see a sea turtle munching on coral before appearing to fly away into the deep ocean. As you’re doing this the 3 guys have set up a table, 2 chairs and a giant umbrella on the deserted island – you’re lunch is laid out with wine and with that they’re gone for an hour and a half. Ever fancied feeling like Jack in Lost? Well this is your opportunity. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Tonight is the honeymoon meal served by the beach under candlelight and oil lamps. We have the most exotic fish risotto I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure the fish I waved at on the way to breakfast this morning is the one eyeing me up on my plate right now. Tonight I’ll retire tired out (after doing nothing all day) to my room, which has already been turned down, fresh water left and a newsletter with details of events and activities on the island for tomorrow.

I once read that waking up in the Maldives is something everybody should do before they die. I’m glad to say I’ve done that and to hell with it I may even do it again. Huvafen Fushi is the place to be, the owners ‘Per Aquum’ have a plan I heard last night, this is just the start and they want to go even further when it comes to luxury. And after seeing this – I don’t doubt them for a single second!!!

Chelsea x

Chelsea flew with Emirates Return from Manchester to Maldives via Dubai
Chelsea stayed at Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wedding Dress Has it's own Boarding Card!!!!!

I've been getting loads of emails and questions from people asking me how I'm getting my wedding dress from here to Italy.

The answer is, up until a week ago I had no idea.

I didn't want to put the dress in a case in the hold if I could help it - I felt a bit worried not being able to 'see' it - if you know what I mean. And I didn't fancy folding it into a little origami ball in the hand luggage either.

Having never got married before, (and never again after these preparations) these are not things I'm used to dealing with. So I had to ring Jet2 and ask what the hell you do in circumstances like this.

In short - the dress now has it's own seat. I know! And it get's funnier, I have printed off it's boarding card. It's Title is Miss, First name Wedding, Middle name - Dress and Surname - Norris. Yes, Miss Wedding Dress Norris will be on the flight.

Then just when I'd got used to this Jet2 called me to say there was a problem. The dress was booked into a seat on the emergency exit aisle, and this had to be changed as in an emergency, the dress could not get out on it's own!!! This is the god's honest truth - so me, Matt and Miss Wedding Dress Norris have had to move an aisle forward.

Loads of airlines do this apparently so in the absence of a private jet when flying out to your wedding - either stick it in your case or buy it a seat. And don't forget it might need a drink too!

That's about it from me before the wedding - but I'll be doing a wedding and honeymoon review when I get back. A big thanks by the way to everyone who has sent me cards and presents - they are very appreciated.

Take care,

Chelsea x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend!!!!

The wedding is now 3 weeks on Saturday - and yes I'm getting nervous. More that everything will go ok rather than the actually getting married bit.

Anyway we collect our wedding rings on Monday. We designed them ourselves so I'm so excited to see them. We wanted rings that were a bit personal and that no-one else would have and because we are getting married in Italy we also thought it would be nice to have some kind of Italian influence.

Anyway we were recommended to a place in Bramhall called Demiles. The owner Paul Granelli is lovely and everything is designed and handmade on the premises. Have a look on their website

If you're getting married this year I'd love to hear from you and all about your plans so email me at

Speak soon,

Chelsea x

Monday, 30 May 2011

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!!!!!

I was hosting an event last week for the Alzeimers Society. My friend Jane's Mum has been suffering with it and she puts on many events through the year to help raise money for them.

This event was held at Zuri Bar in Hazel Grove in Stockport and it was full to the brim with lovely ladies.

There were 3 men in the room though - my Fiance Matt who was dragged there on the promise I'd buy him beer, and Simon and Oliver Dunn. If you live in Stockport you'll know Simon Dunn Chocolatiers - they have a little shop near M&S. Oliver is Simon's son and they make gorgeous handmade chocolates in pretty much any shape and form that you require. And yes they have been asked for 'that' shape before particularly for hen parties - and yes they can do it!!!

They've been in business for over 25 years and the whole family are involved. Anyway I'd decided I wouldn't be able to have chocolates as wedding favours as I didn't think I'd be able to get them to Italy in one piece. But after talking to Simon he reckons it'll be fine. So I've ordered the 2 little chocolates in a gold box. It'll look lovely on the table and I can't wait to eat them either.

Have a look on their website

Speak soon,

Chelsea x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

7 weeks to go!

There's just 7 weeks to go till the Wedding.

Thank you to everyone who I met at the Ladies Lunch last Friday who had such lovely words of wisdom for me - Number 1 is 'Enjoy It' as it goes so fast. And thanks to everyone who's emailed too. Starting to get pretty excited now but nervous too. Not at the actual getting married but that everything goes ok.

I've just realised I've been planning the wedding like one of my Ladies Lunches and it's just dawning on me that it's actually my wedding! I'm sure everything will be ok though.

You might also by now be wondering why I've got a picture of a lovely lady holding a dog above. As most of you know I try to help out Manchester Dog's Home whenever I can. So I need to tell you about a great event they have coming up to raise much needed funds. On Sunday 29th May they are holding a sponsored walk in Debdale Park, Hyde Road in Gorton. It's on 11-4pm and there's loads going on. There's a Dalmation Bouncy Castle, Rodeo, Stocks and other games. There's stalls with tombola, Bric-a-brac, crafts, plants, doggy related t-shirts and gifts, and burger bar.

You'll be able to walk the dog's from the home from 1pm on the day. And best of all there will be free micro chipping - which is really expensive normally. You can bring the family and have a really fun day out.

For more info get on their website

Chelsea x

Friday, 20 May 2011

8 weeks to go!

So with just 8 weeks to go till the big day, I am now seriously dieting.

Obviously I've been doing WeightWatchers for a while and I've loved it - but on the occasional odd week I can't get there. so when my Avon book arrived last week and there were some digital scales for £5 I thought - I'm having them.

They arrived last week and I've been absolutely addicted!!! I weigh myself about 6 times a day. Matt has told em off and has threatened to hide them and allow me to ue them once a week but I love it. I've even worked out my knickers weigh 0.2lb

Does anyone else do this?

I've lost just over a stone so far, but now with only 8 weeks to go I'm being serious about it. No more pizza's but I do allow myself wine - but only if it has the WeightWatchers logo on the front meaning it's 2 points a glass.

I've stuck a fat picture of myself on the fridge - so everytime I think about eating some of the Easter Egg I still ahve in there - I quietly turn around and head for the fruit bowl instead.

I'll keep you updated, but if you have any tips in the run up to the wedding drop me an email at

Chels x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Garters, Ring Cusions and Hair Pins!

10 weeks till the Wedding...

I've spent the Easter holiday's looking for all of the above - Garters, Ring Cushions and Hair Pins...And managed to get all 3 in one place.

I know to men that sounds like hell, but I've loved it. It's actually pretty hard to find nice ones, some are so tacky and you really want something classic on the day that you'll love forever. I also don't mind paying that little bit extra for something beautiful that doesn't look mass made.
Anyway I've found a lovely website - which I found in my wedding magazine.

The lady who runs it is called Charlotte and she is just lovely. They hand make garters, and beautiful pearl jewellery and hair accessories for the big day. If you're really organised they also do bespoke pieces you can design expecially for the big day. And if you need something new and blue then they can do that too - and don't tell anyone but if you want an extra surprise for the wedding night - there's even nipple tassels but very classy ones. Ha!

Have a look and let me know your thoughts,
Speak soon,

Chelsea x

Monday, 18 April 2011

Cheap Favours!!!!

I hadn't put much thought into Wedding Favours before.

I've yet to go to a wedding where I've got something that you really want to keep anyway and so we had sort of decided we weren't going to have any.

Then I bought a wedding magazine and saw a favour I loved - but at £3.50 each and 50 guests that was a no go. I suddenly thought - hang on what if I make them.

So I bought the various bits from ebay - cinnemon sticks and ivory antique lace with a little heart charm. You know I even found the exact heart charm like the one online - from Mexico. I got a bag of 80 for £1. I even had to ring Matt with excitement when I ordered them. Granted he wasn't as excited as me but he still acted happy, bless him.

I sat in the garden yesterday in the sun making them, and I've got to say I was pretty happy with my work. It just goes to show though that you can get a bargain - I might even start making them for other peoples weddings!! At least it will keep me busy when the wedding is over and I've got all this spare time to fill.

If you have any tips or ideas for favours - then get in touch

I'm off to buy more magazines now to see what else I can make.

Chelsea x

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Hen Party!!!!

It's time to book the Hen Party!!!

In true Chelsea Norris style I have been unable to let go and have mostly arranged this myself. Although I have now given my mates the details so they can organise a few surprises, but 'Willy Straws' are an absolute no no!

Having been on many girly holidays in the past I feel I've sort of done that, so instead I opted for a lovely spa weekend. You know dressing gowns, nice meals, champagne and treatments. The way I found this particular spa was so funny. Firstly I mentioned I was looking for somewhere on air, and loads of listeners told me to look at Titanic Spa in Huddersfield. Then I found out Mr Dane Bowers was staying there - so I tweeted him and he honestly gave me very good reviews of the place, the rooms and the treatments so I'm all booked in!!!

It's the UK's first Eco spa in West Yorkshire set in an old textile mill - built in the same year as The Titanic ship. (hence the name) There's a fantastic spa with amazing treatments like hydrotherapy and alternative treatments - a pool, sauna and steam rooms.

The rooms are amazing too - and I just can't wait.

If you've ever been please let me know about it and if you'd like to go and have any questions then email me at

Matt by the way has also opted for a nice relaxing Amsterdam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again I tried to organsie that toto- but ducked out when I read about Dinner Lesbian Shows. Ha!!!!

Speak soon,

Chelsea x

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Saddleworth Wedding Venue!

I've already booked my wedding venue - but if I was going to get married in this Country - it would be at the the place I discovered at the weekend. It's also just a lovely hotel too so if you're looking for a romantic night away, then check it out!

All this week on the Breakfast show - we are giving away a chance to 'Win a Wedding'. The venue is the Saddleworth Hotel in Delph, Oldham. So I stayed there at the weekend and I did the thing everyone does when they get into a nice room in a hotel - you take pictures!

This was our room which was just lovely, with a little lounge with great views of the terrace and the woods. We had the most amazing meal - and it's all made on the premises with just one chef. The whole place is run by a family, Anthony and his son Scott, Danielle and Jake and they just love it. Anything they can do to make your stay enjoyable they will.

If you have any questions about the place, let me know at

Chelsea x

Monday, 28 March 2011

Wedding Candles

So I mentioned Candles on the show last week and the fact I drove 60 miles to get some for the wedding. I've never had so many emails in my life. In fact a lovely lady even stopped me on the plane to Italy on Friday so ask how my candle hunt was going. Bless her!

I've decided on these candles from a company called Melt in Waddington in Lancashire. It's a lovely idea, of picking a candle colour and mixing it with a scent of your choice which radiates when you light them. That way whenever you smell that same smell - it will forever remind you of your wedding day.

So see, the 60 miles travelling was worth it and I've got to say the shop is amazing too. Have a look here:

There are loads of different smells from floral, to wintery type fragrances in pale pastel colours to blacks and charcoal too. We've chosent he green in this ohoto - so go on the wedding tables as it'll mix really nice with the flowers.

If you have any ideas on how to make the day a bit more special or personal, or you want to tease me about scented candles (as many have) then email me at I'd love to hear about your wedding plans.

Till next post,

Chelsea x

Monday, 14 March 2011

Wedding Present for the Other Half!

Now, as I've never been married before (and never will be again after all this planning) I've never before had to think about a wedding gift for your other half.
To be honest I've only ever seen this in movies and usually it's the guy giving the girl but I know you do have to do it.
I've googled loads of sites and the general consensus is that it doesn't have to be a really big, bold and expensive present but more a token gift. Something that means alot to both of you on the day you get married. I've had a few emails from brides to be suggesting things. One lady bought her fella a wine tasting and lunch in a vineyard tour as it was the way they got enagaged. Another lady who's fella was mad on music managed to get hold of a rare guitar - something he absolutely loved.
So I've managed to find the best company/website! It's a company called Ego Cufflinks. All of their cufflinks are hand crafted and they are really unique. Have a look at the website:
I've decided to have a pair made for Matt which are personal to us and will hopefully be a lasting memory of our day especially everytime he wears them after our wedding.
If you have any more ideas or tips - or if you want to chat about anything wedding like - please contact me on at
Chelsea x

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Stationary - Wedding Invites to you and Me!!!!

It's funny you never think of wedding invitations until the moment comes, you have to actually send them.

And my god there's some bloody awful ones out there. You know what I mean, cartoon brides!!! I spent weeks looking for mine - If you've got the time I'd recommend sending off for samples - you'd be amazed how different they can look when you're holding them in your hand.

I found the invitations a really big deal, it was the first statement from us on how the wedding was going to look, and what kind of people we are. I also wanted a complete theme - so the colours on the invites will be colours that will run through the entire wedding. I personally liked the handmade look and found it pretty hard to find companies that didn't mass produce. I did eventually though and loved the process of designing the layout and wording. You will usually get a proof after that - and once it's been approved - they go to print.

The day you're invitations arrive is so exciting. I was on air - Matt opened the door to the postman, opened the box, took a photo of the invitation and texted it to me - it's dead wierd seeing the words in black and white for the first time! If you're unsure what wording to use, you know if parents aren't together anymore etc - then go online there are loads of websites that give you different ways of formally inviting guests to the wedding, I used them and it was a big help.

There are also helpful ways of asking for cash as gifts - without actually asking for money if you know what I mean, as sometimes that can be a bit difficult. I decided to use a website that collects cash on your behalf - but for your honeymoon. You list what you'd like and how much it costs for example: Meal for 2 on the beach £30 - then your guests buy that. They feel they've bought you an actual gift which people prefer - and you get the £30 delivered straight into your account.

I have also found a tremendous website which lists all the wedding fayres in Greater Manchester and Cheshire throughout February - so if you need a bit of inspiration then get yourself down to one or all of them.

For Manchester:
For Cheshire:

I'd love you to get in touch if you're planning a wedding, you can email me at

Have a great weekend,
Chelsea x

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wedding Week

For those of you who are getting married and planning your wedding - you'll know what I mean when I say sometimes there are weeks when you have nothing to do and others when there are a million things to do.

This week has been one of the latter! They've changed all the flight times for guests out of Manchester so it's taken a bit of re-jigging. Matt and I are also so skint - these wedding's aren't cheap are they? Anyway this week I've had to start thinking about what to do with my hair on the big day. Some brides have a radical change and a big up do even though they never wear their hair up. I kind of want to look like me - so I'm not planning anything too severe.
My problem is I have no hair - honestly! It never grows, I've been trying for years and it's still the same length. So I decided to opt for hair extentions - I've had them before and I just love them. It makes me look like my hair is so shiny and thick. I've had them put in now so I can try out a few different styles - then I can decide and just know what I am having on the day, saving loads of time.
My hairdresser Leah - has already started a scrap book of styles - bless her.
The best extentions are Great Lengths - and I go to The Colour Room in Stockport to have them done. They've done mine for years and they're great. They have a great system so it doesn't damage your own hair, and it's 100% real. If you fancy having a look,
it's a great idea for the special occasion and even looks great for your honeymoon too.
That's another thing sorted, next I need to think about a present for Matt on the Wedding Day. What do you give? How much do you spend? Any ideas I'd really appreciate it - email me at
Speak soon
Chelsea x

Monday, 24 January 2011

New York, New York!!!!

So I've just discovered something!!! And it ain't good!

Last Christmas Matt took me to New York - it was a lovely surprise and an even nicer one when he proposed to me on Boxing Day in a restaurant there. From then on - New York will always have a special place in my heart.

So when it came to Christmas this year I decided I'd repay the compliment by surprising him with a trip back to the Big Apple (I got a deal). All sounds good so far? I booked to fly with Delta - as they're not expensive and they fly everyday direct from Manchester. It's a 7 hour flight and really comfortable on board and because New York is 5 hours behind - you only lose 2!!!

Anyway I booked all this - got excited for the trip, and the break from Mike, and then IT HAPPENED! Mike's only gone and booked the same flights on Delta to New York! There and back!

Now I have to get an upgrade to avoid him! Also, everywhere we go he always gets a better deal than me - if we stay in a hotel he gets the better room etc - so I've got to get one up on him.

Has anyone ever managed to blag one? How do I manage it?

Please help!
Chelsea x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Wedding Jewellery

So now I have the dress, my thoughts have started moving onto wedding jewellery. From the dress I knoq I'll need a bracelet and earrings but god where do you start? I've got loads at home but you need something new don't you for such a special occasion. There didn't seem to be much on the high street that I liked or thought was appropriate for the occasion so I turned to the net.

I got out all the wedding magazines which I just can't throw away, you now the ones you rush out and buy as soon as you get engaged? I turned to the back tot he directory where all the websites are and just ploughed through them - it felt like I'd gone through 1000's. I knew I'd know what I wanted when I saw it.

I think it's important to make sure you think about the dress and the location when selecting your jewellery, there's no point in something really modern if you're getting married in an old building for example.

I discovered a website which was perfect for me.

Claire does the most amazing jewellery. What's great is that you can view the collection's based on the style, collection or item so it's easy to navigate your way round. There's some vintage as well as colours and beautiful contemporary designs. If you're very creative you can even design your own a they have a bespoke service. Well worth checking out - mine is ordered and I can't wait for it to arrive.

Chelsea xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

Chelsea's Wedding Diaries

Welcome to Chelsea's Wedding Diaries,

It's now 6 months until my wedding and now it's THIS year - it'll be here before I know it. Over the coming months I'll be blogging here about the big day, talking about various aspects of getting married, from the shoes to the dress, to photographers and wedding jewellery.
I'd love to hear your stories on your upcoming wedding so feel free to email me at
I've finally sorted my dress, and I've been asked to write for the UK Wedding Shows Website - which you can read here.
Chels x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Well it's January 4th, we are back to work, I turn 30 in 4 days and I get married in July and am at least a stone and a half heavier than I'd like to be - how depressing!

I'm back to the gym today and I am joining Weight Watchers tonight, do any of you know how this new Pro Points system works?

I'm also gonna be changing this blog soon by the way - it will soon become Chelsea's Wedding Diaries. I'm going to be blogging about various aspects of getting married and I hope some of it may help you along the way - or you might just find it interesting. If you've just got engaged I'd love to know so email me at

Speak soon,
Chelsea x