Sunday, 3 April 2011

Saddleworth Wedding Venue!

I've already booked my wedding venue - but if I was going to get married in this Country - it would be at the the place I discovered at the weekend. It's also just a lovely hotel too so if you're looking for a romantic night away, then check it out!

All this week on the Breakfast show - we are giving away a chance to 'Win a Wedding'. The venue is the Saddleworth Hotel in Delph, Oldham. So I stayed there at the weekend and I did the thing everyone does when they get into a nice room in a hotel - you take pictures!

This was our room which was just lovely, with a little lounge with great views of the terrace and the woods. We had the most amazing meal - and it's all made on the premises with just one chef. The whole place is run by a family, Anthony and his son Scott, Danielle and Jake and they just love it. Anything they can do to make your stay enjoyable they will.

If you have any questions about the place, let me know at

Chelsea x

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