Thursday, 10 February 2011

Stationary - Wedding Invites to you and Me!!!!

It's funny you never think of wedding invitations until the moment comes, you have to actually send them.

And my god there's some bloody awful ones out there. You know what I mean, cartoon brides!!! I spent weeks looking for mine - If you've got the time I'd recommend sending off for samples - you'd be amazed how different they can look when you're holding them in your hand.

I found the invitations a really big deal, it was the first statement from us on how the wedding was going to look, and what kind of people we are. I also wanted a complete theme - so the colours on the invites will be colours that will run through the entire wedding. I personally liked the handmade look and found it pretty hard to find companies that didn't mass produce. I did eventually though and loved the process of designing the layout and wording. You will usually get a proof after that - and once it's been approved - they go to print.

The day you're invitations arrive is so exciting. I was on air - Matt opened the door to the postman, opened the box, took a photo of the invitation and texted it to me - it's dead wierd seeing the words in black and white for the first time! If you're unsure what wording to use, you know if parents aren't together anymore etc - then go online there are loads of websites that give you different ways of formally inviting guests to the wedding, I used them and it was a big help.

There are also helpful ways of asking for cash as gifts - without actually asking for money if you know what I mean, as sometimes that can be a bit difficult. I decided to use a website that collects cash on your behalf - but for your honeymoon. You list what you'd like and how much it costs for example: Meal for 2 on the beach £30 - then your guests buy that. They feel they've bought you an actual gift which people prefer - and you get the £30 delivered straight into your account.

I have also found a tremendous website which lists all the wedding fayres in Greater Manchester and Cheshire throughout February - so if you need a bit of inspiration then get yourself down to one or all of them.

For Manchester:
For Cheshire:

I'd love you to get in touch if you're planning a wedding, you can email me at

Have a great weekend,
Chelsea x

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wedding Week

For those of you who are getting married and planning your wedding - you'll know what I mean when I say sometimes there are weeks when you have nothing to do and others when there are a million things to do.

This week has been one of the latter! They've changed all the flight times for guests out of Manchester so it's taken a bit of re-jigging. Matt and I are also so skint - these wedding's aren't cheap are they? Anyway this week I've had to start thinking about what to do with my hair on the big day. Some brides have a radical change and a big up do even though they never wear their hair up. I kind of want to look like me - so I'm not planning anything too severe.
My problem is I have no hair - honestly! It never grows, I've been trying for years and it's still the same length. So I decided to opt for hair extentions - I've had them before and I just love them. It makes me look like my hair is so shiny and thick. I've had them put in now so I can try out a few different styles - then I can decide and just know what I am having on the day, saving loads of time.
My hairdresser Leah - has already started a scrap book of styles - bless her.
The best extentions are Great Lengths - and I go to The Colour Room in Stockport to have them done. They've done mine for years and they're great. They have a great system so it doesn't damage your own hair, and it's 100% real. If you fancy having a look,
it's a great idea for the special occasion and even looks great for your honeymoon too.
That's another thing sorted, next I need to think about a present for Matt on the Wedding Day. What do you give? How much do you spend? Any ideas I'd really appreciate it - email me at
Speak soon
Chelsea x