Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Help Me to Help The Christie!!!!!

I need your help. From October 9th to the 16th - it is Christie Week. Last year they raised £80,000 but this year we are hoping to raise even more.
The reason I am so involved is because I've had direct contact with The Christie over recent months. My Uncle Bill was treated there for Bowel Cancer but we unfortunately lost him in June after a 2 year battle with it. At the same time my lovely Nan was also diagnosed. It came as such a shock but we were determined to beat it. She started chemo at the The Christie but took ill shortly after suffering a heart attack and a brain bleed - we thought we were going to lose her, she was so poorly. But the plucky little trooper fought on - and we are very proud of her.
After a break to allow her other illnesses to recover yesterday she started chemo again and this time we're hoping she can stick with it and start to feel a bit better. So it was a full day in Outpatients. Sitting there in the waiting room, looking round it's clear this disease doesn't pick you based on your age, gender, colour or religion - it picks EVERYONE!
If the doors were open 24 hours a day I still don't think they could see everyone. The more cash we raise the better care these people, who are YOUR releatives will get - and we can move a step closer to finding a cure!
So how can you help?
I've also chosen a cupcake which you can buy to help raise money. Pop into the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery in Chorlton or The Northern Quarter and £1 for every cake will go directly to The Christie. You could have a cupcake party, get your pals over, or take them into work to sell. I'll also be donning my pinny and selling them in The Christie during Christie Week.
For any more information go to the website above, and thank you in advance.
Chelsea xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Another Week!!!

Well Summer has gone overnight! Saturday was beautiful but last night Matt and I were battening down the hatches, fastening up the garden furniture and locking the doors ready for the storm.

Hope you had a nice weekend! I was in Leeds for the night on Saturday and finally after 29 years I've learnt how to drink. I LOVE wine but actually it's not great for a night out. I'm usually green around the gills and in bed by 11pm. I've re-discovered RedBull. Vodka Redbull was flowing and you know what - I was a nice drunk and still awake and going at 2am!! That's not like me at all and I'm very proud of myself. I even came in and folded my clothes before going to bed - you don't know what a big deal this is. I've conquered drinking!!!!!

I went to try some wedding dresses on Friday too! I don't know if I actually enjoy it. Did you?

I get all stressed and as I haven't found the right one I'm panicking. I don't think I'm one of those girls who will try a dress on and say 'OMG this is the one'. Cos I'm always then thinking this might be the one but what if there's a better one?

I've finally decided to have one made. So I'm taking all the bits I like and designing it myself. that's a bit nervewracking cos I'm scared - but I'm sure it will be fine and at least it'll be a one off too.

Thinking I might start a Wedding Diary!!! It's only 9 months away now and it's going SOOOOOOOO fast.

Have a good week,

Chels x