Sunday, 5 September 2010

Another Week!!!

Well Summer has gone overnight! Saturday was beautiful but last night Matt and I were battening down the hatches, fastening up the garden furniture and locking the doors ready for the storm.

Hope you had a nice weekend! I was in Leeds for the night on Saturday and finally after 29 years I've learnt how to drink. I LOVE wine but actually it's not great for a night out. I'm usually green around the gills and in bed by 11pm. I've re-discovered RedBull. Vodka Redbull was flowing and you know what - I was a nice drunk and still awake and going at 2am!! That's not like me at all and I'm very proud of myself. I even came in and folded my clothes before going to bed - you don't know what a big deal this is. I've conquered drinking!!!!!

I went to try some wedding dresses on Friday too! I don't know if I actually enjoy it. Did you?

I get all stressed and as I haven't found the right one I'm panicking. I don't think I'm one of those girls who will try a dress on and say 'OMG this is the one'. Cos I'm always then thinking this might be the one but what if there's a better one?

I've finally decided to have one made. So I'm taking all the bits I like and designing it myself. that's a bit nervewracking cos I'm scared - but I'm sure it will be fine and at least it'll be a one off too.

Thinking I might start a Wedding Diary!!! It's only 9 months away now and it's going SOOOOOOOO fast.

Have a good week,

Chels x

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