Monday, 30 May 2011

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!!!!!

I was hosting an event last week for the Alzeimers Society. My friend Jane's Mum has been suffering with it and she puts on many events through the year to help raise money for them.

This event was held at Zuri Bar in Hazel Grove in Stockport and it was full to the brim with lovely ladies.

There were 3 men in the room though - my Fiance Matt who was dragged there on the promise I'd buy him beer, and Simon and Oliver Dunn. If you live in Stockport you'll know Simon Dunn Chocolatiers - they have a little shop near M&S. Oliver is Simon's son and they make gorgeous handmade chocolates in pretty much any shape and form that you require. And yes they have been asked for 'that' shape before particularly for hen parties - and yes they can do it!!!

They've been in business for over 25 years and the whole family are involved. Anyway I'd decided I wouldn't be able to have chocolates as wedding favours as I didn't think I'd be able to get them to Italy in one piece. But after talking to Simon he reckons it'll be fine. So I've ordered the 2 little chocolates in a gold box. It'll look lovely on the table and I can't wait to eat them either.

Have a look on their website

Speak soon,

Chelsea x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

7 weeks to go!

There's just 7 weeks to go till the Wedding.

Thank you to everyone who I met at the Ladies Lunch last Friday who had such lovely words of wisdom for me - Number 1 is 'Enjoy It' as it goes so fast. And thanks to everyone who's emailed too. Starting to get pretty excited now but nervous too. Not at the actual getting married but that everything goes ok.

I've just realised I've been planning the wedding like one of my Ladies Lunches and it's just dawning on me that it's actually my wedding! I'm sure everything will be ok though.

You might also by now be wondering why I've got a picture of a lovely lady holding a dog above. As most of you know I try to help out Manchester Dog's Home whenever I can. So I need to tell you about a great event they have coming up to raise much needed funds. On Sunday 29th May they are holding a sponsored walk in Debdale Park, Hyde Road in Gorton. It's on 11-4pm and there's loads going on. There's a Dalmation Bouncy Castle, Rodeo, Stocks and other games. There's stalls with tombola, Bric-a-brac, crafts, plants, doggy related t-shirts and gifts, and burger bar.

You'll be able to walk the dog's from the home from 1pm on the day. And best of all there will be free micro chipping - which is really expensive normally. You can bring the family and have a really fun day out.

For more info get on their website

Chelsea x

Friday, 20 May 2011

8 weeks to go!

So with just 8 weeks to go till the big day, I am now seriously dieting.

Obviously I've been doing WeightWatchers for a while and I've loved it - but on the occasional odd week I can't get there. so when my Avon book arrived last week and there were some digital scales for £5 I thought - I'm having them.

They arrived last week and I've been absolutely addicted!!! I weigh myself about 6 times a day. Matt has told em off and has threatened to hide them and allow me to ue them once a week but I love it. I've even worked out my knickers weigh 0.2lb

Does anyone else do this?

I've lost just over a stone so far, but now with only 8 weeks to go I'm being serious about it. No more pizza's but I do allow myself wine - but only if it has the WeightWatchers logo on the front meaning it's 2 points a glass.

I've stuck a fat picture of myself on the fridge - so everytime I think about eating some of the Easter Egg I still ahve in there - I quietly turn around and head for the fruit bowl instead.

I'll keep you updated, but if you have any tips in the run up to the wedding drop me an email at

Chels x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Garters, Ring Cusions and Hair Pins!

10 weeks till the Wedding...

I've spent the Easter holiday's looking for all of the above - Garters, Ring Cushions and Hair Pins...And managed to get all 3 in one place.

I know to men that sounds like hell, but I've loved it. It's actually pretty hard to find nice ones, some are so tacky and you really want something classic on the day that you'll love forever. I also don't mind paying that little bit extra for something beautiful that doesn't look mass made.
Anyway I've found a lovely website - which I found in my wedding magazine.

The lady who runs it is called Charlotte and she is just lovely. They hand make garters, and beautiful pearl jewellery and hair accessories for the big day. If you're really organised they also do bespoke pieces you can design expecially for the big day. And if you need something new and blue then they can do that too - and don't tell anyone but if you want an extra surprise for the wedding night - there's even nipple tassels but very classy ones. Ha!

Have a look and let me know your thoughts,
Speak soon,

Chelsea x