Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Garters, Ring Cusions and Hair Pins!

10 weeks till the Wedding...

I've spent the Easter holiday's looking for all of the above - Garters, Ring Cushions and Hair Pins...And managed to get all 3 in one place.

I know to men that sounds like hell, but I've loved it. It's actually pretty hard to find nice ones, some are so tacky and you really want something classic on the day that you'll love forever. I also don't mind paying that little bit extra for something beautiful that doesn't look mass made.
Anyway I've found a lovely website - which I found in my wedding magazine.

The lady who runs it is called Charlotte and she is just lovely. They hand make garters, and beautiful pearl jewellery and hair accessories for the big day. If you're really organised they also do bespoke pieces you can design expecially for the big day. And if you need something new and blue then they can do that too - and don't tell anyone but if you want an extra surprise for the wedding night - there's even nipple tassels but very classy ones. Ha!

Have a look and let me know your thoughts,
Speak soon,

Chelsea x

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