Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wedding Week

For those of you who are getting married and planning your wedding - you'll know what I mean when I say sometimes there are weeks when you have nothing to do and others when there are a million things to do.

This week has been one of the latter! They've changed all the flight times for guests out of Manchester so it's taken a bit of re-jigging. Matt and I are also so skint - these wedding's aren't cheap are they? Anyway this week I've had to start thinking about what to do with my hair on the big day. Some brides have a radical change and a big up do even though they never wear their hair up. I kind of want to look like me - so I'm not planning anything too severe.
My problem is I have no hair - honestly! It never grows, I've been trying for years and it's still the same length. So I decided to opt for hair extentions - I've had them before and I just love them. It makes me look like my hair is so shiny and thick. I've had them put in now so I can try out a few different styles - then I can decide and just know what I am having on the day, saving loads of time.
My hairdresser Leah - has already started a scrap book of styles - bless her.
The best extentions are Great Lengths - and I go to The Colour Room in Stockport to have them done. They've done mine for years and they're great. They have a great system so it doesn't damage your own hair, and it's 100% real. If you fancy having a look,
it's a great idea for the special occasion and even looks great for your honeymoon too.
That's another thing sorted, next I need to think about a present for Matt on the Wedding Day. What do you give? How much do you spend? Any ideas I'd really appreciate it - email me at
Speak soon
Chelsea x

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