Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wedding Dress Has it's own Boarding Card!!!!!

I've been getting loads of emails and questions from people asking me how I'm getting my wedding dress from here to Italy.

The answer is, up until a week ago I had no idea.

I didn't want to put the dress in a case in the hold if I could help it - I felt a bit worried not being able to 'see' it - if you know what I mean. And I didn't fancy folding it into a little origami ball in the hand luggage either.

Having never got married before, (and never again after these preparations) these are not things I'm used to dealing with. So I had to ring Jet2 and ask what the hell you do in circumstances like this.

In short - the dress now has it's own seat. I know! And it get's funnier, I have printed off it's boarding card. It's Title is Miss, First name Wedding, Middle name - Dress and Surname - Norris. Yes, Miss Wedding Dress Norris will be on the flight.

Then just when I'd got used to this Jet2 called me to say there was a problem. The dress was booked into a seat on the emergency exit aisle, and this had to be changed as in an emergency, the dress could not get out on it's own!!! This is the god's honest truth - so me, Matt and Miss Wedding Dress Norris have had to move an aisle forward.

Loads of airlines do this apparently so in the absence of a private jet when flying out to your wedding - either stick it in your case or buy it a seat. And don't forget it might need a drink too!

That's about it from me before the wedding - but I'll be doing a wedding and honeymoon review when I get back. A big thanks by the way to everyone who has sent me cards and presents - they are very appreciated.

Take care,

Chelsea x

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