Sunday, 18 July 2010

Start of a new week!

Happy Monday,

I've just read in the papers Kerry Katona has gone mad at the shops over the weekend, and that this week is the busiest of the year on the High Street for sales. And I can believe it!!!
I was in Manchester on Saturday hosting fashion shows at Debenhams on Market Street. They've just spent a whole load of cash on the Cosmetic Hall and it looks great. We then took the fashion shows onto the tram and went to Bury Rock.
Bury Rock only opened on Friday and my god it was rammed. There's loads of new stores there - like Debenhams, Primark, H&M and loads more - definately worth a visit - and if you go on a Friday or Saturday you could combine it with a trip to the market - which is my favourite thing to do, I love it.
Anyway after working I popped into the Arndale and went though All Saints - £300 worse off 15 minutes later but saved about £300 too which is a bargain in my eyes and definately worth starving for the next week. One dress I bought in a size 12 is too big so I have to take it back - now that's a nice feeling and so starving clearly isn't that bad for me either.
Off to the shops ths week for a nice dress to wear for the Summer Ball. It's this Sunday and I've treated Matt and my Mum to a ticket so we're off shopping to get something nice.
Tomorrow I'm off to Stepping Hill Hospital to accept the delivery of my garden benches. If you don't know basically when my Nan was in A12 recently I might have accidentally broken one of the benches - and so I'm having 3 brand spanking new ones delivered for the patients and nurses to eat their butties on.
Big thank you to Mountrose of Bredbury - who are delivering them tomorrow.
Speak soon, Chels x

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