Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Nurses are very happy!

So yesterday we delivered the benches to Ward A12 at Stepping Hill Hospital.

The benches were a thank you to the Ward and all the nurses for all their hard work and help in looking after my Nan when she was in recently for 5 weeks. It's fair to say everyone was very excited.
There were nurses everywhere, and even nurses who weren't on duty had come in to see the benches being delivered. I need to say a huge thank you to Mike Dawber at Mountrose in Bredbury. www.mountrose.co.uk
They were very kind in not only donating 3 garden benches with comfy cushions, but they also delivered them to the hospital. There were people sat on them from the very off - and even patients wouldn't get off them by the time Mum and I had left.
So thank you to all at Mountrose and thank you to the doctors and nurses - may you have many a butty on the benches.
Chelsea x

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