Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Wedding Weight Loss plan begins....

So the wedding weight loss plan has begun!!

I now the wedding's about 18 months away but hey you gotta start somewhere haven't you. I did feel like a fish out of water yesterday - trying to look like I fitted in, but couldn't have stood out more if I'd tried. Typically when I shared my inner thoughts on the show this morning - the men did nothing but mock, just can't get the support these days. How's a fat girl supposed to get thin????

One guy did recommend DietChef after his wife lost 2 stone without stepping in the gym - so I've just googled it. It's diet meals on wheels!!! I might give that a go!

We're off skydiving this week - great! There's a new skydiving tunnel next to the Chill Factor at the Trafford Centre so Matt, Mike and I are off to try it out. Up to 145mph winds that make us feel like we're flying - let's hope there's no power cut!

Chelsea x

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