Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

So here we are, back to work (or not in this snow) and it’s 2010!!! The twenties, the tens, the tenners or whatever the hell we've decided to call it.

Welcome to my Chelsea Blogs bit of the site, where I just chat girly stuff that Mike won’t let me to mention on air. I can push him but not that far.

If you were listening this week, you’d have heard my news…Yes I’ve joined Team Engaged. Matt proposed in New York on Boxing Day and I’m dead chuffed. I surprised the lads on air on Monday and even I was shaking – it was so nerve wracking. We’re hoping to get married next year and so I’m full speed ahead buying Bridal magazines and exhausting websites. It’s a whole new world, I even discovered wedding TV on Sky yesterday, and yes of course I watched it for 4 hours!!! There's a name for people like me and it's Bridezilla - which I'm not I like to be honest with you. Next stop: The Wedding Show at Birmingham NEC in March. If you can understand this strange animal like obession that takes over please email me, and make me feel better at

Spent Christmas in New York, which was warmer than here believe it or not. Flew Delta from Manchester on Christmas Day and got a lovely Christmas dinner – I felt like I was in Home Alone 2 or something, especially when the pilot says in his American tanoy voice 'Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to Delta, Happy Holidays folks , now buckle up as we go non stop to New York's JFK' very exciting! It really is an amazing place and I love it.

And it's my birthday on Friday (which I hate so close to Christmas) - usually I get unwanted Christmas gifts, or everything has a red dot in it meaning they got it free in the sale most probably. Once I even got 3 pairs of M&S knickers in a pack for my birthday - now I know my bum is on the large side but they were a size 16!!!! I won't name the friend even though we no longer speak.

Catch ya next week, Chelsea x

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