Friday, 15 January 2010

Gino, Gino, Gino!!!

Well Gino D'acampo has just left the building - and what a lovely man.

Honestly he's gorgeous, if I was his wife I doubt I'd ever let him out of the house. He's got a new book out called The Italian Diet and it's honestly great. All the recipes are gorgeous and more importantly they all have calorific content on there - which is low!!!
If you fancy meeting him whilst buying a copy, he's at the Trafford Centre tomorow from 1pm in WH Smith.
Was at a restaurant opening lastnight in the Northern Quarter. I don' t normally venture out at night to these things to be honest - but I was promised food and so that's enough to get me out of my pj's. It's called The Bulb which is next to The Light Boutique hotel in the Northern Quarter. Fab hotel - with new York style views.
I'm still Bridezilla - in fact I've moved up a gear and bought a scrap book as a wedding planner. I now buy Bride magazine's and cut out pictures of dresses, room ideas and colours I like and stick them in my book. I think Matt's regretting asking me now.
Out tonight on a leaving do from work, for a few drinks and then a meal. We're off to Ithaca on John Dalton Street - they've got a new menu so I'm going to give it my seal of approval.
First I'm off home to fix a blocked drain. I poured the fat from some mince meat I cooked yesterday down the sink - and now that and lots of murky water is sitting in the sink. Any ideas on how best to quickly and easily oh and cheaply get rid?????? If so email me:
Speak soon x

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