Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Help a Homeless Doggy!

Hi Everyone,

I need your help!

I got an email yesterday from a lady called Jenny - desperately needing our help after trying loads of different ways to re-home her dog.

She has a Dalmation called Poppy, who's 7. Jenny got him 18 months ago from the dog's home after being dumped by his previous owner. She loves him to bits!

Problem is, Poppy is a bit scared of other dogs and children (may be due to him previously being ill treated). Jenny doesn't mind this - she takes him out when there's no other dogs around and she has no children. BUT now there's a problem - Jenny has fallen pregnant. And she's now worried Poppy won't take to this well and she's been advised to re home her.

But due to these tendancies and the fact she's 7, nobody wants her.

That's where you come in! Jenny is devastated and doesn't want Poppy to be put to sleep. She would be suited to someone with no kids, who has time to get to know her and somewhere to run around.

Please can you help?

Or do you know of anyone who can? Jenny is 5 months pregnant and time is running out.

If you can email me now at: chelsea@key103.co.uk

Thanks and can't wait to hear from you.

Chelsea x

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