Wednesday, 3 February 2010


So I've had a hell of a week!

For those of you who listen to the show regularly you'll know my insurance policy with British Gas/Dinorod is simply the best thing I've ever bought - due to the fact my pipes are not what they used to be.

I started noticing a problem with the man hole (no jokes please) on my drive the other day. In that my bath water, which I'd just emptied was actually running out the hole and down the drive complete with steam. After a frantic call to BG and some slight panic I was informed there was a problem with the communal pipe. So all day yesterday I had United Utilities on my drive in their illuminous jackets alerting the world to the fact I had a poop shoot issue.

To cut a long story short, it's being fixed as we speak, and here's the evidence!

Going girlie shopping with Mum today to try and cheer myself up, I'm fed up of pipes, and poo and rubble. Trying to get some holiday clothes for Australia. The thing is there's nothing in the shops, only a load of sale clothes which are all wooly. Did buy some stuff from River Island online yesterday so I'm praying it turns up in time for Saturday.

Mum is looking after the house and Poppy for me while I'm away. Oh and she's also looking after my job. I only found out yesterday but she will be sitting in on the show for me while I'm away next Thursday. I won't be able to listen to if you get chance let me know how she gets on and email me at: also please make sure that Mike and Matt Matt the music man are nice to her.

Chels x

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