Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Manchester Midnight Walk

Hi Everyone,

I've just signed up to do the Manchester Midnight Walk. I stress 'walk' as we DO NOT RUN! This body was not made to run!

The event is for St Ann's Hospice which is a charity which means alot to me. I'm a patron of the charity and am trying to do all I can to help.

The 4th walk is taking place on July 2nd this year and we're trying to raise as much cash as we can for a 10k walk. I lost my Grandad to cancer 6 years ago and he unfortunately didn't get the greatest care, it wasn't long after that I first went to visit the hospice in Heald Green. I expected a dark and dismal place where people went to die - but I was surprised to see it was actually a bright and inspirational place with angels who work so hard to make the life of your loved ones - the best it can be right to the end.

Unfortunately they get no government funding and so it costs £16,000 every day just to keep the doors open. We don't have loads of celebs to help and we struggle to get people on board.

I know there are loads of events every year for charities in Manchester - and I know times are tougher than they've ever been, but we really need your help. The Shine event which just took place in the City Centre was great - but it floored us at St Ann's and so I need you're help even more.

It's a great event - which is fun to do and is a real boost for the hospice. It's £15 to register and you can join me and thousands of others on the night.

There's plenty of ways to register, either go online at or call 0161 498 3631

Hope to see you there, and email me at if you have any questions or need any more information then get in touch.

Chelsea x

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  1. That's really good news, there is a big team of staff doing the walk 22 of us I think. It is a fantastic charity to support although I am biased as I work there as a ward sister. My 13 yr old daughter will be joining us on the night and is excited about meeting Chelsea so hopefully she will.